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cropped-tomy-page.pngTomyK Ltd. supports technology startups which pioneer new markets and create new industries with their innovative technologies.


Dr Tomy Kamada, CEO and Founder of TomyK Ltd.
Tomy KamadaDr. Kamada is co-founder of ACCESS Co. Ltd. (listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange: 4813), 
a global software company for mobile devices and various information appliances. Dr. Kamada received a Doctorate in 
Computer Science from the University of Tokyo. He is also renowned as the inventor of “Compact HTML” 
for mobile phones, enabling successful mobile Internet services in the early days of the Internet. 
ACCESS went to IPO in 2001. Then, he extended their business globally with acquiring PalmSource Inc. (PalmOS company) and some other startups. After retiring from ACCESS, in 2012, Dr. Kamada founded “TomyK Ltd.” – Startup Booster, which actively supports young innovative 
startups, especially in the areas of Robotics and AI, Human Augmentation, Biotechnology, Medical & Life Science, Space, and other frontier technologies. Kamada is also Project Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo. He is the author of the book “Tech Startups and Entrepreneurs Create the Future” (in Japanese, University Tokyo Press, 2017) and gives many lectures on entrepreneurship.

“An algorithm for drawing general undirected graphs”, Information processing letters, 1989graph_example
(Kamada-Kawai Algorithm)

Publication of Doctoral Thesis
“Visualizing Abstract Objects and Relations”, World Scientific, 1989

“Compact HTML for Small Information Appliances”, W3C, 1998

“Development of the World’s First Web Browser for Mobile Phones”,
IEICE Communication Society – Global Newsletter, Vol.43, No.4, pp.2-7, Dec. 2019

TomyK supporting startups

Academist … Academic crowdfunding platform
Activaid …  Patient-centric community for contributing to medical research
Axelspace … A new way to explore the planet,  Earth observation platform (AxelGlobe)
avatarin … Expand humanity’s potential by offering new abilities through avatars
Chiptip Technology … Unleash the power of unconventional computing devices
Elephantech … Simplify the flex PCB manufacturing process with Pure Additive™ processing
Genomedia … Analyzing genomics data and improving our life
Genomelink … Creating an Infrastructure for Consumer Genomics
Gra&Green … Brand new grafting for green revolution
H2L … Human augmentation, Haptic sensor VR controller, Body sharing
LeapMind … Deep Learning of Things, Make things come alive with deep learning
Lily MedTech … Toward a world without a need to fight against breast cancer
LPIXEL … Image analysis technology, Next-generation medical diagnosis support system (EIRL)
MICIN … For all to live out their lives with dignity, On-line clinic system “curon”
MinD in a Device … Uploading human consciousness onto a device
Moff … IoT healthcare solution for aging society
Mynd … Natural language processing (acquired by BrainPad in 2015.4.)
Nature Architects … Mechanical Meta Material – geometric and physical computation (CAMs)
SCHAFT … Humanoid Robotics, the winner of DRC Trials 2013 (acquired by Google in 2013.11)
teTra aviation … To fly easier than anything, challenging for “GoFly” contest (sponsored by Boeing)
ThinkCyte … Advance single-cell analysis, developing “Ghost Cytometry”
VLP Therapeutics … i-αVLP technology and vaccine development (Malaria, Dengue, Cancer)
WHILL … Next-generation personal mobility, and Mobility as a service (MaaS)
Yukai Engineering … Communication robot, Bocco and Qoobo

Interviews and Articles

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Beacon Reports (2016. 11. 14)



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